About MovieInfinite

Democratizing movie reviews

At MovieInfinite, everyone’s a critic. Here, individual users are on equal footing with movie critics from large film blogs and news sites, ending the monopoly that elitist critics have on movie reviewing. Great reviews rise to the top with our merit-based voting system, in which everyone can participate.

Adding transparency to movie scores

It can be difficult to figure out why a particular movie was given in typical review systems, where a movie might be scored out of 5 stars for example. MovieInfinite makes it easier to tell what’s good about a movie by scoring across 4 unique dimensions: story, characters, visuals, and humor.

Personalizing reviews

Finding an insightful, reliable movie reviewer whose opinions you trust can be difficult. With MovieInfinite, our follower systems allows you to keep track of reviewers you like, and always displays their reviews first.